Angular 1.5 component, $onInit and one way bindings

One of the most difficult to grasp things with angular has been directives. There are couple of problems with them: It’s uncommon name from other frameworks and therefore difficult to wrap your head around Syntax has many switches that depend on your angular version Lifecycle is complex with all the compile, link, controller hooks, leaving you wondering what […]

Angular 1.4 – what's new

Angular 1.4 has arrived with lots of new features. Here is a quick look for the top 5 features: Reworked animations. $animateCss can be used to simplify and support more complex animations than before. ng-messages evaluation. Until now you could just specify strings, now you can evaluate expressions with it. This helps with invalid form validation messages limitTo […]

Angular.js simplest possible tutorial

Angular.js is really popular technology for client-side JavaScript apps. To get started with angular.js, all you need to do is to include it into your page and it just works. No need for dependencies such as jQuery etc. Below is about the simplest possible app you can write with angular.js. app.js angular.module(‘myApp’) .controller(‘MyAppCtrl’, function($scope) { […]